our soon to come journey…

I’ve been debating whether or not to start a blog since Trent and I tied the knot in September of 2011 for time and eternity. With all the new and exciting adventures that are ahead of us… I gave in.

Let me introduce you to my life of bliss!


Trent and I met on a blind date arranged through a friend. The only thing Trent and I had in common before we met was that we were both sick of dating and did not want to go out on this date. But, our friend had convinced us that we would get along great and that he’d double with us.

The night had arrived and Trent drove to my house to pick me up. When I opened the door I was speechless. All I could think was… “DANG BOY!!” To be honest… I didn’t have high hopes for a buff hottie but I sure got one. On our 15 minute drive to town, after trying to start several conversations, I could tell it’d be a rough night of awkwardness. For those of you who know Trent, he’s a man of few words. I was just thankful we were doubling!

We arrived at his place where we started a fire to cook hot dogs and s’mores. I was pretty stoked! What is there not to love about hot dogs and s’mores?! Let me just give you a short version of this date. I ended up branding him with my roasting stick. Yes, BRANDED him. It was bubbling and blistering already! Boy, I was glad when that date ended. 

The next day, I get a text from him saying, “What are your plans tonight? I think you owe me another date since you burned my arm. ;)”. Apparently, the date wasn’t a complete disaster. After thinking it over, I decided to go. This date went a lot better! We talked, snuggled and I loved every minute of it. There was just a spark that night that I had never felt. After that night, we were inseparable. We spent every day with each other! 2 1/2 short months later, we were engaged. 3 months later, married in the Logan, UT LDS Temple. It’s been 2 wonderful years! I couldn’t ask for a better husband! He’s a blessing in my life. 

When we first got married we discussed that we did not want to have kids for a long time. We wanted to spend our time with each other. Until we met someone.


Meet Maddie.
We adopted this sweetheart a little over a year ago. She turned 3 in June. We love her so much! 

After starting a little family with Maddie, Trent and I decided we both really wanted to start our official family.
On December 24th, we discovered we were expecting a sweet little peanut of our own! It was a great christmas present!
(except for all the cute clothes Trent got me that I would not be wearing for long)


yep! we are having a baby boy! Due September 1st. 2 more weeks to go!
We are so excited to meet our little man!